On the occasion of the online live streaming happening on May 1st
Event Name: Electronic Labor Day
36 hours of non consecutive DJ-ing

Alt Commerce S.A.L. offers you the possibility to participate in this event by showing
your name(first name and last name) or nickname on the stream and the participants page, based on the following conditions:

● Alt Commerce S.A.L is the service provider for the event organized by UberHaus

● Every user who wishes to participate in the event should buy their ticket (online) on the uberhaus.me website
from Alt Commerce S.A.L. It is only then that their name can appear on the event’s platform and the participants page. Note that if the participants page is not present on the website, the participants page will be launched soon.

● Users can use their full name (first and last name) or a nickname of their choice.
They are personally responsible for choosing that name and Alt Commerce S.A.L shall
not, under any circumstance, take responsibility for that choice.

● Alt Commerce S.A.L does not guarantee that names will appear at all or clearly on the individual stream.

● Only the user is responsible for the name that appears on the platform, this
includes the violation public decency, existing laws or any harm to others. The
company shall have the right to bring that person to justice and seek
compensation that is equivalent to the damage.
Non the less, all orders that violate our terms and conditions will not be displayed
on the stream and will not be refunded by any means possible.

● Tickets are nonrefundable for any reason. If Alt Commerce S.A.L decides to refund
only 85% of the amount shall be refunded to the customer.

● Please note that the names of users who buy more than one membership ticket will appear only once, and that based on the time attributed to the highest bundle they buy.

● Alt Commerce S.A.L is not responsible for displaying any intellectual property content.

● When the user buys their ticket on the uberhaus.me website, they should be
redirected to a confirmation window and/or receive a confirmation email. If, for
any reason, users to not get redirected and/or receive an email, they should send
an email to support@altc.dev within four hours of the purchase in order to resolve the issue.
Otherwise, their names risk not appearing on the participants and stream pages.

● Alt Commerce S.A.L will not take any responsibility in case a stream message was not displayed.

●Alt Commerce S.A.L does not take responsibility for the malformation of any text.